Eradicate non-quality and get it right the first time.

You are facing manual processes, high cost of quality or rework and you are still using instruction sheets or paper checklists? Picomto is designed to answer your business problems. Picomto allows you to standardize your processes, automate the generation of reports in case of audit and demonstrate to your customers that the process is respected.

Picomto is your digital expert that helps you train your newcomers or centralize the know-how of your workers.

They did it! Why not you?

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Eradicate non-quality

Create and deliver clear and understandable instruction sheets to your workers.

Use images, shapes, pictograms to limit the risks of interpretation by operators.

Digital instruction sheets have one objective: Get it right first time and eradicate non-quality.

Gestion des versions

Easily edit your documents with a versioning system.

Deliver the right information at the right time to your workers.

Your operators are sure to see the latest version of the instruction sheets.

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Client case study

Opérateur - Daher

Daher digitalizes its work instructions with Picomto

Daher choses Picomto to digitize its work instructions and thus eliminate paper from its workshops. The paper based work instructions presented a significant risk, which could lead to non-compliance during internal and external audits

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