Are you sure your workers are allowed to start the machine?

How many accidents do you face?

Ask yourself if the accidents in your factory are due to:

  • Not being allowed to work on a machine
  • Not being allowed to enter certain areas
  • Checks not carried out before or after using a machine

What if you could avoid them?

Technicien Realwear

Let’s suppose that one of your worker needs to access a machine.

  1. You add Check2Start to your emergency stop chain.
  2. The worker logs into the system, which checks whether he is authorized to start the machine or not.
  3. The system explains step by step how to put the machine in starting condition.
    • The worker can call a remote expert via the system.
    • The system collects useful data through checklists.
    • The system automatically collects the “Who does what and for how long”.
  4. The system authorizes the physical start of the machine.

If the system detects that the worker is not authorized, then the machine will not start.

The secure and digital way to authorize the access to a machine

Check2start centralizes the access authorizations to a machine and checks that everything is in order before authorizing the start. All the actions linked to the machine are tracked by Check2Start.

Patented technology!

Simple and quick feedbacks

Safety first