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Today, France has 13 military port bases spread across the globe. Discover how Picomto increases operational efficiency, reduces downtime and collects data to improve the performance of the French Navy’s fleet readiness.

Needs and issues

The French Navy is facing three challenges:

  • Improve its efficiency and speed of action
  • Optimize logistics between the various military port bases
  • Drafting and paper tracking still very much present in the process of maintenance and support to sailors.


The French Navy needs a simple and easy to use tool to digitize all their operational documentation.

The solution allows to digitize the experts’ know-how and the pre-expertise checklists. A seafarer can be assisted by an expert who has access to the pre-expertise and has a direct view on the situation. The expert can then be located anywhere in the world, while the sailor has his hands free to act and sees the elements shared in real time by the remote expert.


The French Navy was able to see and assess the potential gains. Thanks to Picomto, maintenance procedures, methods and work instructions can be traced, centralized, followed and shared more easily in real time.

Moreover, we proved that errors were reduced during interventions at sea.

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