Picomto helps maintain the French Navy’s fleet in operational condition

The French Navy has several needs to improve its efficiency and speed of action:

   Optimize logistics and operational efficiency

    Collect data in real time

    Reduce downtime

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The French Navy is the navy of the French Republic. It is one of the components of the Armed Forces. Today, France has 13 military port bases spread across the globe.


We offer the French Navy the opportunity to transfer skills from shore-based experts to sailors using Picomto: Digital Work Instructions and Remote Expert. With Picomto, maintenance procedures, methods and work instructions can be traced, centralized, tracked and shared more easily in real time.

Choice of solution

The French Navy needs a simple, easy-to-use tool to digitize all its operational documentation. The Picomto solution digitizes expert know-how and pre-expertise checklists. A sailor can be assisted by an expert who has access to the pre-expertise and a direct view of the situation. The expert can be located anywhere in the world, while the sailor’s hands are free to act, and he or she can see the elements shared in real time by the remote expert.