The evolution of Picomto over the years and the talents that contribute to its success

The birth of a brand

Passion, determination and success: the inspiring history of the birth of Picomto.
Because we tend to forget the men who hide behind a brand too much, we decided today to offer them first place.

Once upon a time, in 2013, the meeting of two strong personalities, Emmanuel and Sébastien, around a common passion: ancient mechanics.

It is around a discussion on mechanical tutorials on video steps step by step that the idea for germinated.
Back in 2013: “Why do we find so much digital expertise on the net to help us tinker or cook in our everyday life while at the factory we only have undrinkable paper filing binders and loses -We of know-how with each retirement? “This is the genesis of Picomto.

20 years of industrial expertise for one, 20 years old in the software sector for the other. Different but complementary backgrounds unite around an idea: to offer a
Solution allowing the industry to digitize its work instructions easily.

existing years

digitalized factories

happy employees

operators connected with Picomto

Our story

      10 years later,
      New challenges

      Today, Picomto is the end-to-end management of production and maintenance operations carried out by humans. Positioning women and men in the center at the center of industry 4.0 and digital continuity is our leitmotif. When you implement Picomto, this is the only tool necessary for your operators and technicians for 100% of their
      daily tasks.

      When we talk about industry 4.0, we often talk about the ability to pilot, follow and analyze the automated operations implemented by the different machines. With Picomto, we
      We focus on doing the same around the operator performing manual tasks.
      From management to analysis, including manual tasks, Picomto wants to be today and tomorrow the operator’s companion to facilitate his daily life

      Part of the Picomto team

               Emmanuel Toulisse

               Co-founder  – Sales Manager

             Sébastien Chevalier

             Co-founder – Product Manager

               Nicolas Diérick

               Chief technical officer

               Maxime Defenin

               Front end developer

               Olivier Cocray

               Backend developer

               Jamal Benali

              Android Developer

               Olivier Tyrbas De Chamberet

               Key account manager

               Nicolas Coupier

               Project manager

               Timothé Frealle

               Key account manager

               Thibaut Gossard

               Customer success manager