A single interface for the connected operator and manager

Picomto assists operators right from the moment they start their duties by offering them a digital platform. This platform allows them to review the tasks they need to perform, follow instructions, and access Factory 4.0 information.

Delivering Measurable Results for Our Clients

We work in high-risk or heavily regulated industries, including pharmaceuticals, aerospace, chemicals, defense, and food.

  • Our solution ensures a quick return on investment (ROI) for your production, maintenance, quality, or logistics operations.
  • You can have it up and running within 3 weeks, and it takes just 1 day to become self-sufficient.
of the training process is autonomous
full-time equivalents reallocated to added value
equipment opening rate
time to create operating procedures

“Train, mentor, and oversee your operators daily, drawing upon your operational expertise.


Digitize your expertise

Create and share multimedia, interactive work instructions.


Empower Your Teams

Enhance team skills, versatility, and authorizations, while enabling independent training.


Plan and manage your orders

Connect work instructions and checklists to tasks to streamline order distribution and supervision of operations.


Synchronize your teams seamlessly

Ensure secure workflows by facilitating real-time collaboration and data sharing among operators.


Analyze and take action

Collect, structure, and leverage your data to create meaningful dashboards.

Our functionalities match your needs

Gestion des opérations

Operations management

Achieve mastery over your most intricate processes.


Traçabilité des opérations

Operations traceability

Pinpoint the root causes of your deviations and generate automatic reports.

Instructions digitales

Digital instructions

Ensure precision from the very first attempt and guarantee the reproducibility of activities.

Conformité et audits

Compliance and audits

Minimize the risk of errors and conduct audits with a simple click.

Télémaintenance et assistance

Remote maintenance and assistance

Provide support to your operators or validate their actions remotely.

Télémaintenance et assistance

Augmented & mixed reality

Ease the cognitive burden on operators with hands-free peripherals.

Formation des équipes

Team training

Manage the acquisition and monitoring of your teams’ skills

Synchronisation des opérateurs

Operator synchronization

Work together anywhere, anytime, in safety

We meet your challenges

A solution made for every issue


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QHSE issues

-25% fewer human errors at Butachimie’s Seveso site

Case study

Butachimie is a Seveso site in Alsace, France, manufacturing basic chemicals for industry. Picomto played a crucial role in elevating operator safety :

  • Reduce inspection errors
  • Enhance real-time communication among employees.
  • Establish comprehensive traceability of operations.

hours saved


fewer human errors


fewer accidents