Chemical industry

Manage your human operations comprehensively, from initiation to completion, while documenting, controlling, and aligning them with the management standards of a Seveso site.

Documentary conciliation

Maintain constant alignment between your operating procedures and checklists.

Document reconciliation is a critical component in the chemical industry, ensuring the quality, regulatory compliance, and safety of manufactured products, materials, and personnel.

Documentary conciliation via the Picomto platform allows you to ensure that all the documents necessary for regulatory compliance are complete, precise and up to date. But also that they are accessible at any time, from a simple keyword in a digital way. All your paper documents are concerned: manufacturing files, operating modes, test reports, analysis certificates, manufacturing checklists and maintenance rounds.
By easily finding all your documents in the same place in a few clicks, you facilitate the management of your quality processes. You make sure that the working procedures and instructions are properly documented, followed and updated. This includes validation of manufacturing processes, monitoring of changes, deviation management, complaint management and corrective and preventive actions.
Documentary conciliation makes it possible to establish a complete traceability of your documents throughout the life cycle of a chemical process, from design to distribution. This ensures that all the production steps are well recorded and that the associated documents can be easily found in the event of an audit, inspection or need for product recall.
You can reduce the risks linked to human errors thanks to good document management. This helps prevent potential problems such as manufacturing defects, labeling errors, cross -contamination and patient safety problems.
You can facilitate collaboration and communication between the various players in your factory, such as manufacturers, regulators, suppliers and distributors. By ensuring the availability and accuracy of the documents, it allows the different stakeholders to work together more efficiently and coordinated.
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Enhance the oversight of your operations and the connection between the control room and the field.

By optimizing the link between the control room and the field with Picomto, you can:

You are subject to strict control regulations to ensure the quality and safety of products. Picomto allows you to digitize, document and standardize your control and double control procedures, thus guaranteeing increased regulatory compliance. You set up specific worklflows for your double control process. You can follow electronic signatures or generate reports for audits and regulatory inspections.
In the chemical sector, operations control is essential to minimize risks and errors. Picomto allows you to create detailed checklists, visual instructions and digitalized guides and in real time, step by step. This reduces the risks of human errors and contributes to the quality and safety of production on Seveso sites.
With Picomto, you can digitally record each step of the control process, including information on the people involved, the dates and results of the checks. This creates complete traceability and precise documentation, which is essential for internal and external audits. In the event of an incident or problem, you can easily trace the steps of the double control to identify the root causes and take corrective measures.
Picomto facilitates collaboration between operators and experts involved in the double control process. You can share the procedures with the employees concerned, allowing them to access the instructions and checklists in real time. This promotes fluid communication and a common understanding of expectations, which strengthens the efficiency and reliability of the process.
By using Picomto, you can collect data and statistics on the performance of your control processes. This allows you to identify the areas to be improved, detect recurring trends and problems, and to make adjustments to optimize your systems. Continuous improvement is essential to strengthen the quality and efficiency of your processes.

“Picomto participates in our Lean approach and allows us to question our methods and our processes.”


Alain Boutet

Process Methods Manager


Smart collaboration

“Facilitate communication among employees

Connect with your experts remotely on PCs, Android-based smart glasses, and tablets using a secure and user-friendly expert solution.

Thanks to the Picomto platform, operators can ask questions, report problems or ask experts in instantaneously. This makes it possible to obtain quick and precise answers in real time, thus promoting a better understanding of the tasks to be performed and avoiding any unnecessary displacement.
Picomto allows operators to access this knowledge directly via the platform. Experts can share specific instructions, recommendations and advice for complex or critical tasks. This improves the quality of operations and quickly solving any problems. In the field, operators can all work simultaneously on the same task, synchronize each other and access the values ​​and actions validated by their colleagues.
With telemaintin, operators are connected to experts thanks to a secure videoconferencing system. They can send messages, photos or videos to describe a problem or ask for help, and experts instantly respond to them. This solves problems faster, avoiding production delays and maintaining an effective workflow. Telemainne also removes travel between factories.
Questions frequently asked, the solutions provided, operating modes and processes can be recorded in a knowledge base accessible to all, everywhere and all the time. This creates a precious resource for new recruits, allowing faster training and better assimilation of good practices.
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efficiency during maintenance rounds


trips avoided each year

Real-time data

Don’t just react to deviations, anticipate them

Monitor outgoing productions and elements in real-time to prevent any process deviations. In the chemical industry, it’s crucial to minimize production variations and prevent the creation of defective products that cannot be sold. With Picomto, you can identify potential issues and reduce production waste. Similarly, Picomto is an indispensable tool for enhancing the safety of your industrial sites.

Picomto allows you to document and standardize your sop in the chemical industry. You can create detailed step -by -step procedures, including security requirements, good practices and specific controls. By following these operating modes, operators can ensure that the pre -established processes are observed, which makes it possible to quickly detect deviations from standard procedures.

With Picomto, you can integrate visual instructions into your sop. These instructions may include patterns, images, videos or animations to guide operators throughout the processes. Visual controls facilitate rapid detection of visual deviations, such as missing steps, handling errors or visual anomalies in pharmaceutical products.

Picomto allows operators to easily report deviations when they see them. They can use the platform to send notifications in real time, describing the deviations they have identified. These reports may include detailed descriptions, photos or videos to provide visual evidence of deviations.

Once the deviations have been reported, Picomto facilitates the monitoring and management of these deviations. You can create specific tasks to resolve the reported deviations and assign them to the officials concerned. Picomto also offers tasks monitoring features, allowing you to follow the progress of corrective actions, to document the measures taken and to close the deviations once resolved.

Picomto collects data on reported deviations, corrective action tasks and measures taken to solve problems. These data can be analyzed to identify trends, underlying causes of deviations and opportunities for processing processes. Data analysis makes it possible to quickly detect recurring deviations and adopt preventive measures to prevent them from reproducing.

Operators’ training

Preserve the expertise of your experts

Simplify the transfer of knowledge from experts to operators and enable their rapid, independent training by digitizing operational expertise.

You can document the work procedures and instructions used by operators in detail. You can create step -by -step guides, including descriptions, images, videos and other visual resources to illustrate good practices and specific knowledge. This makes it possible to capture the know-how of outgoing operators in a precise and complete way.

Picomto offers a basic knowledge function that allows you to store all important information concerning procedures, good practices, tips and recommendations. This knowledge base is accessible to your entire team, and configurable depending on the profiles, which makes it possible to preserve and share the know-how of outgoing operators in a centralized and organized manner.

Picomto allows you to integrate videos and images into the documentation of procedures. Operators and technicians can create explanatory videos demonstrating best practices or images showing specific steps in the process. These visual resources are effective means of transmitting operators’ know-how in a practical and easily understandable way.

When new operators join your team, Picomto facilitates their training and learning by providing them with all the documented resources and stored knowledge. The new operators can consult the documentation, access videos and images, and quickly familiarize themselves with the procedures and best practices established. This allows operators’ know-how to new recruits to be transferred effectively.

Managers can follow in real time the right taking into account of a new version of an existing sop. They can easily act on delays and digitally master their training processes. Picomto makes it possible to validate that operators have read and understood the operating modes.

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Solution 100% FDA compatible 21 CFR Part 11. / GXP

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