Discover the issues resolved among our customers thanks to the Picomto integration.

études de cas

Case study

Agromousquetaires guarantees its know-how using Picomto

1st French MDD manufacturer (distributor brands), the Agromousquetaires group is faced with various business issues. The digitization of their operating modes then appeared as a quick way to face these challenges.

  • Eradicate paper documents
  • Form new arrivals
  • Store internal know-how
Agro Alimentaire


Daher digitizes its operating modes thanks to Picomto

Daher is present in three complementary areas of activity: aeronautics, logistics and supply chain. One of its main issues was therefore linked to the dissemination of its operating modes with operational teams on all of its sites. Thus, digitization could meet this need.

  • Broadcast your operating modes on all sites
  • Set the obsolete versions due to paper documents
  • Avoid any risk linked to the diffusion system

Picomto in the service of the French Navy fleet

The French Navy has nearly 13 military port bases spread across the whole globe. In order to be as effective as possible in a given time, the navy needs to improve its effectiveness and its speed of action and therefore wanted to optimize its logistics. This is why the Picomto solution was chosen in order to digitize its work instructions and its telemaintment.


Benexia chooses Picomto to digitize her work instructions and sop

Benexia, established in Chile, is the leader of Chia seed ingredients and works with the big names in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Sandra Gillot, CEO, has the desire to modernize the company even more, especially in terms of documentation to maintain its progress.

  • Eradicate paper documents
  • Form new arrivals
  • Store internal know-how


SKF reduces training time for new hires by 80%

SKF, a Swedish multinational, is the world leader in the field of mechanical bearings. The company has 7 production sites in France with more than 3,000 employees, leading to the problem of increasing the skills of new arrivals.

  • Lots of temporary workers to train (rapid turnover)
  • No suitable training course
  • In-room training (welcome to the station, welcome to the sector)
  • Limit companionship to actions with higher added value

Veolia follows her real-time intervention teams

Veolia Industries Global Solutions (VIGS) designs tailor -made solutions for the management of utilities for its industrial customers (water, energy, waste) and offers multi -technical and multiservice services. VIGS responds to large team interventions, only on a reduced time window. This is why the digitization of their files and real -time monitoring was possible thanks to the Picomto workflow.


Curium ensures the remote managers of its operators in the risk sectors

Curium is the world leader in the production of radiopharmaceutical elements which involves optimal verification of production chains. Curium must cope with checks and for that it must be able to carry out double controls on its processes. Thus, Curium had to find a solution in order to digitize its documentation, reduce its training time and open up to telemainne. All of this was possible with Picomto.

  • Make real-time documentation accessible
  • Synchronize double control
  • Supervise remote assistance


Haleon optimizes the collection of its data

Haleon is a world leader in the field of consumer health. Their leading marks are based on science, innovation and human understanding and benefit from the confidence of millions of consumers around the world. By providing easy, fast and real -time access to important information, Picomto Aida Haleon to ensure its objectives and avoid any risk of confusion and danger in order to ensure optimal traceability.

  • Improve the traceability of its documentation
  • Reconcile data in real time
  • Optimize training times

Picomto Help with the management of the Seveso de butachimie site

Butachimia is a Seveso site located in Alsace, manufacturing basic chemicals for industry. Butachimia was looking for a reliable solution to improve its quality, production and maintenance processes by digitizing its know-how. Thus, Picomto then responded to more than 70% of the issues expressed by the site such as to increase operational efficiency or collect the data raised in real time.

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