SKF reduces training time for new hires by 80% thanks to Picomto

SKF faces certain issues:

  • Improving the skills of new arrivals
  • Eradicate paper documents
  • Limit training time and companionship

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SKF, a Swedish multinational, isthe world leader in the field of mechanical bearings. There are7 production sites in Francewith more than 3000 employees. The Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire site is the group’s main place of innovation.


The first step was to recreate on Picomto work instructions. Picomto works with the SKF VP teams located on the Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire site which takes care of the packaging of finished products.


Picomto allows SKF to digitalize training and therefore entry into different sectors and positions. The provision of tablet supports allows a training course on each production line and consultation of operating procedures before each shift.