Field services

Monitor the activities of your agents in real time on site and optimize processes.

Quality assurance

Improve the management and application of procedures and best practices in a regulatory context.

Achieve a high level of service quality.

Picomto provides agents in the field with easy access to protocols via a mobile application, simplifying the consultation of procedures. In addition, the platform allows agents to quickly report anomalies by capturing images or providing feedback through the application, thus promoting real-time communication with the central team. The information collected is then centralized and accessible from the application, allowing for efficient tracking of issues and corrective actions. Ultimately, this improves responsiveness and management of field operations to ensure smoother and more secure operation.

By easily finding all your documents in one place in just a few clicks, you facilitate quality management in the pharmaceutical industry. You ensure that procedures and work instructions are properly documented, followed and updated. This includes manufacturing process validation, change tracking, deviation management, complaint management, and corrective and preventive actions.

Picomto offers remote support to agents by providing real-time access to interactive visual guides. Agents can view these guides from anywhere, making it easier to resolve issues without physical intervention on site. The platform also allows direct communication with experts thanks to the remote maintenance module accessible via connected glasses. This remote support functionality improves operational efficiency and rapid problem resolution for teams in the field.

Picomto collects real-time information on the operations carried out thanks to the validation of steps on guides and checklists. Collected data, such as checked components, entered values, photos, comments and signatures, are securely stored and accessible for full traceability of operations. This detailed documentation serves as proof of correct task execution and can be shared with the end customer to build transparency and trust. This improves the visibility of operations and facilitates communication with customers.

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Site supervision

Manage your projects in real time

Monitor the progress of your projects, manage feedback from your agents or customers.

Picomto manages all operations by allowing the creation of interactive visual guides for the diagnostic phase, thus facilitating the collection of essential information on the initial state of the site. During the monitoring phase, the platform allows real-time monitoring of the progress of tasks using visual guides, allowing effective monitoring of the status of the construction site. Finally, for job site execution, Picomto provides visual instructions to field workers, ensuring tasks are completed according to specifications, improving overall end-to-end operations management. All of these features contribute to more transparent, efficient and documented project management.

Using data populated and analyzed in real time, the platform quickly identifies any deviations from standard procedures. This information allows managers to take immediate corrective action, improving operational compliance and responsiveness to deviations. With Picomto, you ensure continuous monitoring and optimize the management of your operations.

With Picomto, you can digitally record every step of the audit process, including information on who was involved, dates and results of audits. This creates full traceability and accurate documentation, which is essential for internal and external audits. In the event of an incident or problem, you can easily trace each stage of your construction sites and the operations carried out there.

The solution allows you to create automatic intervention reports in personalized dashboards according to your needs.

In the report, the questions asked during the task clearly appear. We know who responded with a timestamp of the response to the second. We also know whether or not the result complies with the expectations of the creator of the document and possibly the associated weighting points.

Training of newcomers

Store the know-how of outgoing operators

Facilitate the transmission of knowledge between outgoing or incoming operators and experts by digitalizing operational know-how.

You can document in detail the procedures and work instructions used by outgoing operators. You can create step-by-step guides, including descriptions, images, videos, and other visual resources to illustrate best practices and specific knowledge. This makes it possible to capture the know-how of outgoing operators precisely and completely.

Picomto offers a knowledge base feature that allows you to store all important information regarding procedures, best practices, tips and recommendations. This knowledge base is accessible to your entire team, and configurable according to profiles, which makes it possible to preserve and share the know-how of outgoing operators in a centralized and organized manner.

Picomto allows you to integrate videos and images into procedure documentation. Outbound operators can create how-to videos demonstrating best practices or images showing specific steps in the process. These visual resources are effective ways to convey the know-how of outgoing operators in a practical and easily understandable way.

When new operators join your team, Picomto facilitates their training and learning by providing them with all documented resources and stored knowledge. New operators can review documentation, access videos and images, and quickly become familiar with established procedures and best practices. This makes it possible to transfer know-how from outgoing operators to new recruits in an efficient manner.

Picomto offers a user-friendly interface and an advanced search function. This allows your team to quickly and easily find relevant information in the knowledge base. Outbound operators can add keywords, tags or categories to make it easier to search and access the specific knowledge they have accumulated over time.

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