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The go-to digital tool for companions and managers, enabling the digitization of instructions and checklists.
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Digital instructions

Eliminate the buildup of paper documentation

Our software solution is designed to decrease paper clutter and facilitate the transition to digital processes in an AS9100 and PART21,145 compliant environment.

Picomto allows you to securely digitize and store existing paper documents, such as instructions, maintenance cards, plans, procedures, etc. This reduces the need to keep large amounts of physical documents and facilitates access to information electronically. Picomto has a versioned and collaborative document management.

The Picomto platform allows you to create, update and easily manage instructions, manufacturing checklists, or control cards. The teams can collaborate on the creation of work instructions, maintenance guides and other documents directly on the platform. The use of templates allows homogeneity in the creation of technical documents. Picomto avoids the duplication and distribution of many paper copies in the factory.

Using the Picomto solution, teams can access relevant technical information in real time via mobile devices, computers or connected glasses. This allows you to centralize your know-how in a single digital solution which is sufficient in its own to make or maintain aircraft.
Picomto allows you to easily follow the changes to documents and keep a history of these modifications. This facilitates regulatory compliance and improves processes’ traceability. No more documents that would not be in the latest validated version circulates in the factory. Companions have real -time access to all the modifications of the preparers.

The method teams and preparers have access to a collaborative solution for the creation of instructions, checklists and technical documentation. Several people can work at the same time on the same document and exchange via a messaging and notification system.

Companions in the factory can work together on manufacturing or maintenance orders, share comments and annotations, and maintain fluid communication, without the need to use physical paper documents. Companions and preparation teams are also in constant connection thanks to this messaging system or our telemainne module.

Picomto screenshot
Picomto screenshot


Detect anomalies at the earliest stage

Our software solution is tailored to reduce paper-based documentation and encourage the shift toward digital processes in the aerospace industry.

Use the Picomto platform to create personalized quality inspection and inspection and logbooks. These forms may include specific steps, verification lists and images to guide the companions in their inspection tasks during production. The forms are digitalized and available on tablets or connected glasses, which facilitates data collection in real time.
Picomto makes it possible to define compliance criteria for each inspection step and to avoid errors with blockages in the workflow or in the progress of a controller. If a gap is detected, the companion can report it immediately via the platform. This makes it possible to identify anomalies as soon as they occur, which makes it possible to take corrective measures more quickly and to follow the solving problems in real time.
Picomto can be configured to send automatic alerts and notifications when differences are detected. Managers and teams can thus be informed quickly, which facilitates the immediate reaction to anomalies.
The Picomto platform collects and stores inspection data with the exact temporal position and the electronic signature of the controller and the possible auditor, which allows them to be analyzed later. By examining the trends and reports generated by the system, you can identify recurring anomalies and take preventive measures to avoid them in the future. A Power Bi connector and our REST API allow you to make real -time dashboards to inform managers and make the right decisions at the right time.

Picomto can be integrated into other IT systems such as GMAO software, ERP, MES or quality management systems. This integration makes it possible to share information between the different systems and to strengthen early detection of anomalies.

Picomto can go find information in these systems or send them. For example, the solution makes it possible to communicate with connected tools in order to send instructions values ​​and harvest the values ​​really applied. The companion may have a tool that allows them to keep the responsibility for the value that will be entered in the report without having to copy it.

“I no longer need to carry around a notebook or an informative binder, I have everything in front of me and I have a visual of everything I need. »

E. Theves
Technician, French Navy



Efficiently train your companions with our instructional software

We provide a software solution designed to reduce paper clutter and facilitate the transition to digital processes in the aerospace industry.

The Picomto platform allows you to easily store and share work procedures and instructions. Companions can access the relevant documents via mobile devices, connected glasses or computers. The companion or the technician can use the interactive and multimedia instruction sheet as a training medium. This becomes a real e-learning module and the companion uses the same document during its training phase and production.
Companions can benefit from visual assistance, remotely, in one click, to be assisted during complex tasks or in unusual situations. The expert visualizes the current intervention live, facilitating learning and precise execution of tasks. The manager or the expert can remotely validate the different stages of the training.
Picomto allows you to follow the skills and certifications of the companions. You can save the training followed, the successes to the assessments and the certifications obtained in the platform. This facilitates skills management, identification of training needs and the development of career plans for companions. Picomto allows you to follow the skills matrices and the versatility of a workshop.
Picomto promotes communication and knowledge sharing between companions and the capture of good practices. The teams go up the field data in real time, share comments, advice and good practices through the platform. This allows you to offer working documents always up to date, closest to field reality, with mutual learning within the company. An experience return base is also available to make these good practices a new standard.
Picomto makes it possible to build a complete knowledge base grouping good practices, tips and solutions to current problems. Companions can access it to find quick answers to their questions and improve their expertise. They can go up their improvement proposals and good practices.

Operations management

Adapt your instructions to manage configuration management

Picomto’s objective is to ensure digital continuity from start to finish in an environment where configuration management is essential. Our goal is to offer preparers automation for processes for modifying the instruction sheet when the configuration evolves.

Use the Picomto platform to centralize all the technical industrialization information linked to the manufacture of aircraft. You can store specifications, plans, diagrams, parts lists, procedures, and other relevant documents in a centralized location where each room will be versioned, will go through a validation workflow and will be subject to rules for sharing strict. This facilitates quick and precise access to technical documents.
Picomto integrated document management allows you to create a clear structure and hierarchy to organize complex configurations. You can define relationships between the different components, subsystems and sets, by creating links between documents and associated information. This allows easier navigation and understanding of the whole configuration. You can therefore organize your instructions by following the same organization as your CAD software.
With Picomto, you can manage the different versions and the changes to aircraft configurations. Each modification is recorded and followed, with information such as the date, the author and the nature of the modification. This helps keep a complete history of changes and facilitates traceability. Your external auditors can leave with an export of documentary monitoring in one click.
Users can access technical information from any time and at any time. This allows the teams in the field to quickly obtain the details necessary for manufacturing or maintenance, to consult the documents and to make informed decisions. Thanks to the disconnected mode, all of this documentation is accessible even without connection to the network.
Picomto facilitates collaboration between teams working on complex configurations. You can share the documents, plans and information with the stakeholders concerned, which promotes communication and cooperation. Comments and annotations can also be added to documents for better collaboration.

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Daher chose Picomto to digitize his operating modes and thus delete the paper from his workshops. The paper operating procedures presented a significant risk, which could lead to non-conformities during internal and external audits