Daher digitalizes its operating procedures with Picomto

Daher encounters certain problems with its teams:

   Distribute operating procedures to all sites

   Resolve obsolete versions of paper documents

   Avoid all risks associated with the distribution system

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Daher operates in three complementary business areas: aircraft manufacturing, aeronautical equipment and systems, logistics and supply chain services.


Daher is currently using Picomto for two specific applications. The first is the creation and distribution of operating procedures, accompanied by a control checklist. The second is the verification and traceability of skills checklists, giving Daher instant visibility of whether operating procedures have been properly assimilated.

Choice of solution

What motivated Daher’s decision to choose Picomto was the solution’s flexibility and the autonomy it creates within teams, as well as its scalability. As Daher operates in several countries, the automatic translation of documents is a real asset. Each employee can benefit from an up-to-date version directly in his or her native language, without the need for translators.