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Daher, the French leader in industrial logistics, designs, operates and optimizes complex logistics flows (more than 100 logistics sites in France) in three complementary areas of activity: aircraft construction, aeronautical equipment and systems and logistics and supply chain services.

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The challenge

One of Daher’s main problems is the distribution of work instructions to operational teams at all sites. Distribution on paper presents a significant risk of circulation of obsolete versions, which can lead to non-compliance during internal and external audits. Training of new employees is also a key concern.

The solution

What motivated Daher’s decision to choose Picomto was the flexibility of the solution and the autonomy it provides to the teams, as well as its scalability.

Picomto was able to take into account the company’s specific issues, as well as Daher’s feedback and recommendations, in order to develop its solution.

As Daher operates in several countries, the automatic translation of documents is a real asset. Each employee can benefit from an up-to-date version directly in his or her native language, without having to use translators.

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The project

Daher currently uses Picomto for two specific use cases. The first is the creation and distribution of work instrucitons, accompanied by a checklist of control. The second is the verification and traceability of skills checklists which allows Daher to have instant visibility on the proper assimilation of work instructions.

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