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The typical day in the connected factory with Picomto


Launch of manufacturing orders

If you don’t have an ERP, you can launch your manufacturing orders directly in Picomto. We have our own launch module.
You can also import your ERP needs, launch the OFS and plan them in Picomto. We can, then, make the statements of material consumption, the closure of the OF and the stock automatically instead of the operator.
Associate your human and material resources with each OF, visualize the load in real time and the percentage of team occupation.
Combine the technical data and checklists necessary for manufacturing automatically with the OF. Your operators will have access to the operating mode at any time to succeed in the first time.
Check that people assigned to the OF have the right level of skills and the authorizations required to make the order. Make a maximum level of security, flawless quality to make your products and optimal repeatability.
Combine with your detailed range of MES Digital and multimedia operating modes. Your operators use these operating modes to validate their advancement and Picomto points the progress automatically in the MES. Go up the times and those responsible for each action.
Picomto screenshot
Picomto screenshot

Plan your orders and affect your resources

In Picomto you have a graphic tool to plan your orders. Thanks to him, you can program them in 1 second in a modern way and view the use of your teams in a clear dashboard.
Change planning and assignments as easily as “”click/deposit””. You permanently know where you are.

Manage the statutes of your orders, plan in advance and publish when you want.

Visualize the team load or build a dashboard adapted to your activity.


Execute your manufacturing operations

Distribute your orders in 1 click on all computers and tablets from the factory. Use augmented reality with realwear or mixed reality with Hololens 2 to assist your operators even better. You have nothing to do! It is Picomto that adapts your orders and the associated technical data.
In 1 click operators see the charge of day or week and can start their activities..
Nothing to do! Picomto points to time by range automatically as the technicians advanced. You will follow times in real time by range operation, by sub-operation and for each of your orders.
Available work instructions, operating modes and real -time procedures, intelligent and versioned, available to your operators. Your operators will follow an established and repeatable process, which will form and assist them.
Give access to digital checklists or integrate them into your work instructions. By giving your operators the possibility of entering the data over the water, you delete the risk of forgetting important information and prevent the checklists to be filled mechanically at the end of the Order.
Transform your work instructions by assisting virtual. Picomto allows you to digitize the experience of your technicians to assist the whole factory in real time. Workflow, decisions tree, color change of graphic elements according to the situation encountered, automatic alert, calculations, redirection rule, color change on threshold … thanks to artificial intelligence and image comparison you can help your operators in their quality control over production.

Picomto has its own remote -year and telepresence module. In closed circuit, with our own encryption keys, without access to any external service you can contact an expert or management to be assisted or validate remote operations. The implementation in Picomto makes it possible to integrate distant people into the production workflows at the crucial stages. You can film your sensitive processes or your factory without being afraid that your data flows will be intercepted or seen by your competitors.

Picomto is one of the only solutions where you can work simultaneously on the same task side by side or remotely. Your technicians and operators are synchronized in real time and everyone sees what others do. You can create intelligent workflows and condition access to the actions of some depending on the proper realization of other stages of others. Each operator sees the multimedia content captured by others and all the values ​​entered in real time.

Follow production effectively with real -time dashboards, the Picomto back office or with tools like Powerbi. Share key information with your customers, use data to make reports or feed your continuous improvement processes.
Picomto screenshot
Picomto screenshot

Follow your production and perform real-time quality checks

Picomto allows you to create control checklists or add checklist elements directly in your operating modes. In a few clicks, massively broadcast these checklists on the ground and start saving the data.
In a single tool, guide your qualiticians in their control actions, create interactive defays, build tracking tables, disseminate in the field and analyze your results.
Use the data seized on the ground to build your SPC analysis tables and follow the drifts of your processes. Give back the data to draw an immediate return on investment.
Picomto generates all of your reports automatically. Nothing else to do than use the solution. Use these reports as evidence of traceability, certificates or follow -up of lots and products.
Make real-time reports directly in Picomto or for example on Powerbi. Follow the progress of your production, anomalies, the evolution of the values ​​of your sensors or the values ​​entered manually on the ground. Value data rather than let it sleep on paper in binders.

Make your work instructions and your smart checklists. Add validation points by supervisors or experts in workflows. Avoid closing a task before final validation. Easily set up a double control easily.



Automatically close your orders and draw your inputs and exits

In a few minutes create your checklists to enter the data on the ground. Food, thanks to our API, the solutions of your software environment. Enter the data from a PC, a tablet or augmented reality glasses piloted with the Realwear voice.
Keep a trace of what you send to your customers by quickly taking photos and videos and attach them directly to the product tracking.

Digitalize your inventory forms, get out of flat files or feed your ERP directly from Picomto.

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Effectively accompany your customers

Thanks to the power of digital instructions, help your customers use or keep your products. Update, in real time, the instructions you make available to them. Avoid breakage linked to poor uses.
Stay connected to your customers, add checklists to your instructions for use or maintenance to supply your continuous improvement processes. Easily detect pain points or products from the products.
Reduce your carbon impact everything decreasing your intervention times and downtime with your customers. Connect your customers in real time by providing them with a powerful and secure telemaintin tool. Master the encryption of data flows and rest efficient in remote preventive and curative maintenance.

Expand your offer through real -time assistance of your customers for the use and maintenance of your products. Offer an evolutionary documentary base and effective maintenance options to reduce downtime and optimize the TRS of equipment.

Find out how Butachimie digitized its production operations

Butachimie is a Seveso site located in Alsace, manufacturing basic chemicals for industry. Butachimia was looking for a reliable solution to improve its quality, production and maintenance processes by digitizing its know-how. Thus, Picomto then responded to more than 70% of the issues expressed by the site such as to increase operational efficiency or collect the data raised in real time.

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