Eliminate deviations and reduce the human factor

In an industry particularly regulated by the FDA and GxP, it is vital to be able to do it right the first time while ensuring full traceability, such as for new versions of SOP / WISOP by your operators.

Picomto adapts perfectly to your environment with key features such as audit trail and regulatory compliance.

They did it ! Why not you ?

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Standardize your SOP

Create and convert your documents easily with Picomto. Switch to visual documents instead of textual ones to limit the interpretation of your operators.

Picomto, a simple tool to create SOPs and share them with the right people on the shop floor.


You know everything about how your working documents are used:

  • Who read the document?
  • Did they understand the document?
  • Did your operators take into account the new version?

Do you have an audit? Thanks to the audit trail, you can generate your report in a few clicks.


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pharma 4.0

Download our guide to switching to GMP and FDA compliant digital work instructions.

We offer you a small booklet to help you in the digitalization of your pharmaceutical processes with a Pharma 4.0 approach

Picomto is FDA and GxP compliant

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