Railway industry

Optimize the operation of your infrastructure


Improve the availability, reliability and operational efficiency of your fleet

Reaching increasingly high levels of availability and reliability of rolling stock and its subsystems is our main concern, such as yours.

Picomto digitizes maintenance procedures and ranges by offering a platform that allows you to easily create, store and share interactive maintenance guides. Thanks to visual creation tools and the possibility of integrating media, Picomto simplifies management and access to crucial information for effective maintenance.

The editor does not guide the operator step by step to solve simple breakdowns. Thanks to its interface, users can quickly access visual and textual instructions step by step, thus facilitating the solving technical problems in an efficient and autonomous manner.

Picomto assists the maintenance in levels of levels 2 to 4. This allows technicians to follow complex procedures in a structured and precise manner, thus improving the efficiency and reliability of maintenance operations.

The platform makes it possible to view operations in real time by providing dashboards and live reports that display the current state of maintenance operations. This offers visibility on current tasks, allowing informed decision -making to optimize the performance of maintenance activities.

By automatically recording the procedures followed, the intervention times and the results obtained, the solution ensures information to draw the maintenance operations carried out. These data allow complete traceability of maintenance activities, promoting continuous improvement and compliance with quality standards.



Increase the maintenance in operational condition of your infrastructure

Follow human operations in real time that take place on your infrastructure, manage the risk of human errors and secure agents on track.

With Picomto, standardized operational procedures (SOP) are made more accessible. SOPs are presented with clear instructions, integrated images and videos, thus facilitating their understanding and execution by staff. This approach improves compliance with standards, productivity and quality of operations.

The platform allows you to create interactive control lists, add detailed information and attach images or videos to guide checks. Users can follow and document the steps step by step on mobile devices, thus guaranteeing precise execution and complete traceability of control operations.

The reporting of anomalies with Picomto is simplified thanks to its report functionality. Users can easily create reports by including descriptions, images and relevant information on anomalies. These reports can be generated instantly and transmitted to managers for immediate management, thus promoting reactivity in the face of problems.

Operators can access the instructions in real time, follow the steps necessary for these critical procedures and record the essential data, thus guaranteeing precise and effective management of these vital operations for safety and compliance.

The creation of intervention reports is automated to simplify the process. Once an intervention is completed, the data collected during the operation is automatically used to generate a detailed report, thus avoiding tedious manual tasks and guaranteeing precise and instant documentation of the field activities.

Training of arrivals

Store the know-how of outgoing operators

Facilitate the transmission of knowledge between outgoing operators and experts or entering by digitizing operational know-how.

You can document the work procedures and instructions used by outgoing operators. You can create step -by -step guides, including descriptions, images, videos and other visual resources to illustrate good practices and specific knowledge. This makes it possible to capture the know-how of outgoing operators in a precise and complete way.

Picomto offers a basic knowledge function that allows you to store all important information concerning procedures, good practices, tips and recommendations. This knowledge base is accessible to your entire team, and configurable depending on the profiles, which makes it possible to preserve and share the know-how of outgoing operators in a centralized and organized manner.

Picomto allows you to integrate videos and images into the documentation of procedures. Outgoing operators can create explanatory videos demonstrating best practices or images showing specific steps in the process. These visual resources are effective means of transmitting the know-how of outgoing operators in a practical and easily understandable way.

When new operators join your team, Picomto facilitates their training and learning by providing them with all the documented resources and stored knowledge. The new operators can consult the documentation, access videos and images, and quickly familiarize themselves with the procedures and best practices established. This makes it possible to transfer the know-how of outgoing operators to new recruits effectively.

Managers can follow in real time the right taking into account of a new version of an existing sop. They can easily act on delays and digitally master their training processes. Picomto makes it possible to validate that operators have read and understood the SOPs.

100% FDA solution compatible with 21 CFR Part 11. / GXP

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