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Capturing the company’s technical skills

4 December 2023|Categories: Knowledge Management|Tags: , , |

Technical skills require a great deal of time and resources (human and materialistic) to be acquired and accumulated. It is a valuable asset that the company must preserve, protect and enhance. In a word: capitalize. What exactly is the capitalization of knowledge, skills and talents? Why is this approach [...]

Are your operating procedures consulted?

18 November 2023|Categories: Documentation|Tags: , , |

Represented as “how to do it”, the operating procedure is used daily in the industry to describe the actions to be carried out to perform a task, an intervention, in short to produce. Each company has its own know-how and transfers it through operating methods or procedures. In most [...]

Collaborative working in the age of digitalization

11 November 2023|Categories: Non classé|

In recent years, with the rise of digitalization, collaborative working has become the standard working method. In fact, opting for digital solutions proves to be an effective strategy for any company in order to ensure continuous improvement. Indeed, in practical terms, it provides considerable access to decision-making. Therefore, every [...]

Improving the quality of production thanks to technical documentation

3 November 2023|Categories: Quality|

In general, the purpose of technical documents is to inform those who will be using them on occasional or regular basis. They are essential media for all industry’s operators and their ability to ensure the quality of production. Technical documents: guides to ensure proper work and provide solutions to [...]

How do you know if you need digital work instructions?

2 November 2023|Categories: Documentation|

Because operators rely on their content for operations, work instructions are crucial in the industrial sector. But for a variety of reasons, not all organizations give them the attention they deserve. And when using operating procedures that are difficult to follow and update, production is likely to be severely [...]

Picomto 3.0: Integrate and manage field data collection directly into your work instructions

20 September 2023|Categories: Non classé|Tags: , , |

Capturing field data in your work instructions The new version 3.0 is now available Create and disseminate field data capture forms directly integrated in your work instructions, operating procedures, maintenance procedures, internal procedures… Eliminate the problems caused by paper forms: double/triple entries, unusable and unused data, and complexity of [...]

The basics of operational experience for better performance

28 August 2023|Categories: Operational Excellence|

In the context of industry 4.0, any industrial company wishing to grow and compete must adopt a strategy of continuous improvement of methods. To simplify the definition of industry 4.0, we can say that it is a new way of managing and organizing production and improvement methods. Small changes [...]

Benefits of e-Logbooks over paper

31 May 2023|Categories: Digital Transformation|Tags: , , |

Electronic logbooks have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their numerous advantages over traditional paper logbooks. While paper logbooks have been used for many years, they can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Electronic logbooks, on the other hand, offer many benefits that make them a [...]

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