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Enhance equipment maintenance and ensure operational readiness.

Digital instructions

Eliminate the buildup of paper documentation

We offer a software solution designed to reduce the accumulation of paper regulatory documentation and facilitate the transition to digital processes in an environment compliant with AS9100, PART21, and 145 standards. Picomto is the only operational French solution certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 22000.

Picomto makes it possible to digitize and store in a secure manner (compatible with specific defense standards) existing paper documents, such as instructions, maintenance cards, plans, procedures, etc. This reduces the need to keep large amounts of physical documents and facilitates access to information electronically. Picomto has versioned and collaborative documentary management.

The Picomto platform allows you to create, update and easily manage instructions, manufacturing checklists, or control cards. The teams can collaborate on the creation of work instructions, maintenance guides and other documents directly on the platform. THE
operational in unit can have the latest up -to -date versions.
The use of templates allows homogeneity in the creation of technical documents. Picomto avoids the duplication and distribution of many paper copies in the factory. Operationals can also go back requests for changes to manufacturers.

Using the Picomto solution, teams can access relevant technical information in real time via mobile devices, computers or connected glasses. This allows you to centralize your know-how in a single digital solution which is sufficient in its own to make or maintain aircraft.

Picomto allows you to easily follow the changes to documents and keep a history of these modifications. This facilitates regulatory compliance and improves processes’ traceability. No more documents that would not be in the latest validated version circulates in the factory. Companions have real -time access to all the modifications of the preparers.

The method teams and preparers have access to a collaborative solution for the creation of instructions, checklists and technical documentation. Several people can work at the same time on the same document and exchange via a secure messaging system (defense environment compatible) and notifications.
Companions in the factory or in operations can work together on manufacturing or maintenance orders, share comments and annotations, and maintain fluid communication, without the need to use physical paper documents. Companions and preparation teams are also in constant connection thanks to this messaging system or our telemainne module.

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Increase the availability rate in OPEX

Through the optimization of OPEX maintenance time in the defense industry with Picomto, you can eliminate human errors, easily share information with operators without specialized training, reduce preparation and application time, foster collaboration and communication to promote ongoing improvement, significantly improving response times.

Picomto provides a centralized platform where essential information, such as maintenance manuals, operational procedures and instructions, can be easily stored and consulted. This allows your teams to quickly access relevant information, improve their efficiency and increase the availability rate of equipment.
The Picomto solution facilitates the implementation of preventive maintenance programs by providing automatic reminders and maintenance calendars. This makes it possible to plan and carry out the maintenance tasks necessary for regular intervals, thus reducing the risk of failure and increasing the availability rate of equipment.
Picomto offers real -time monitoring features, such as incident reports and dashboards, allowing maintenance teams to follow and analyze equipment performance. By quickly identifying problems and taking corrective measures, teams can anticipate possible failures and improve the availability of systems.
The Picomto solution allows you to create visual and interactive tutorials, thus facilitating the training of operators and technicians. Thanks to clear and visual instructions, human errors can be reduced, which contributes to maintaining the availability of equipment.

“I no longer need to carry around a notebook or an informative binder, I have everything in front of me and I have a visual of everything I need.”

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Efficiently train your companions with our instructional software

We provide a software solution design to reduce the buildup of paper and facilitate the transition to digital processes in the defense industry.

Companions can benefit from visual assistance, remotely, in one click, to be assisted during complex tasks or in unusual situations with the level of security required even in OPEX. The expert visualizes the current intervention live, facilitating learning and precise execution of tasks. The manager or the expert can remotely validate the different stages of the training.
Picomto allows you to follow the skills and certifications of the companions. You can record the training followed, the successes to the assessments and the erifications obtained in the platform. This facilitates skills management, identification of training needs and the development of career plans for companions. Picomto allows you to follow the skills matrices and the versatility of a workshop.
PPicomto promotes communication and knowledge sharing between companions and the capture of good practices. The teams go up the field data in real time, share comments, advice and good practices through the platform. This allows you to offer working documents that are always up to date, as close as possible. Field reality, with mutual learning within the company. An experience return base is also available to make these good practices a new standard.

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