Veolia (VIGS) tracks its response teams in real time

VIGS faces a number of challenges:

   Optimize intervention times

   Make interventions visible to the on-site supervisor

   Reconciling the intervention schedule with the traceability file

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Veolia Industries Global Solutions (VIGS) designs customized utility management solutions for its industrial customers (water, energy, waste) and offers multi-technical and multi-service solutions.


Thanks to the implementation of Picomto in their operating system, Veolia VIGS operators can now simultaneously work and fill in their forms. This has made it possible to automatically link the form to the intervention task provided in the operator’s daily schedule.

Choice of solution

Veolia Industries Global Solutions (VIGS) chose the Picomto solution to meet their objectives. Picomto has enabled them to reduce the need for operators to travel on site, and to shorten the time between action and documentation.