Benexia digitizes its work instructions with Picomto

The company faces a number of challenges :

   Digitizing SOP documentation

   Coping with new procedures

   Safeguarding know-how

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Benexia, world leader in the production and marketing of chia seeds, manufactures all its ingredients at its plant in northern Chile. The company works with the big names in the food and pharmaceutical industries.


To ensure the smooth implementation of Picomto, Benexia’s teams decided to set up a Picomto unit with an internal project manager to supervise and mobilize employees, and an external project manager to support them in their dealings with Picomto.

Choice of solution

Benexia needed a simple, easy-to-use tool to digitize all their operational documentation. The PICOMTO solution, with its tailored interface and business functions, enables the rapid creation, editing and continuous improvement of digital, multimedia work instructions.