Haleon optimizes production data collection with Picomto

Haleon had to deal with certain complications in their processes:

   Improve documentation traceability

   Reconciling real-time data

   Optimizing training time

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Haleon is a leading global consumer healthcare company. Their leading brands are founded on science, innovation and human understanding, and are trusted by millions of consumers worldwide.


Haleon can digitize its documentation thanks to Picomto. The data entered by the various sectors in the database will therefore be traceable. What’s more, Picomto’s tablet-integrated operating procedures mean that training can be carried out during working hours, and can therefore be followed (e-learning model).

Choice of solution

By providing easy, fast and real-time access to important information such as product components and dosages, Haleon will be able to meet its objectives and avoid any risk of confusion and danger, to ensure optimum traceability and to undergo a thorough audit thanks to the Picomto solution.