4 ways to install internet in the workshop

It should be said that internet has become an fundamental communication channel for large companies as well as for small and medium size ones. In fact, this information and communication tool offers exceptional growth prospects. It is an excellent means of exchange, communication, working, learning and trading. This interaction tool helps to transport a wide range of services such as e-mail or instant messaging.

We can say that it is an essential means for any company wishing to smoothly develop its activity.

Why having a stable Wi-Fi connection in a workshop?

You should know that industry 4.0 goes through the connected factory. It is therefore essential to use new technologies to grant the possibility of an innovative strategy that will lead to improvement and growth. To do so, any industry should support this digital transition by implementing digital tools such as integrating IOT at all the levels of the factory as well as providing excellent wireless coverage (Wi-Fi). You must know that internet is a real obligation for all industries that want to evolve towards more profitable and more adapted business models.

Note that any industry that has internet within its workshop is much more responsive and can respond to customers’ demands more effectively. A communication tool that helps to considerably accelerate information flows. This helps to stand out from competition. Having a stable Wi-Fi connection in the workshop helps to boost all industries’ performance and productivity.

On the other hand, during the past years, we notice that workstations are constantly digitalizing and operators are increasingly mobile. In doing so, implementing a stable Wi-Fi connection helps your employees to work in total mobility while benefiting from a continuity of services. Moreover, thanks to internet, an industry is able to broaden the knowledge of its environment.

Regardless of the size of an industry, having a good internet connection offers several advantages:

  • good communication
  • easy access to information
  • Cost reduction
  • ETC

How can we have internet in the workshop?

4G chips on mobile devices

You should know that 4G is able to meet 85% of the industry’s wireless connectivity needs. 4G meets the different requirements of industrial companies in order to cover their production site. In fact, you should know that using 4G chip is an ideal solution for small and medium-size companies to benefit from broadband internet access. This is perfect for construction sites and workshops. 4G is useful for workshops that are in an area that is not served by ADSL or that is not covered by fiber.

Hence, it is an ideal tool to maintain industrial activity.

Installing a router at strategic locations in the workshop

Sometimes, unfortunately, the Wi-Fi is not always perfect and very often the internet connection is not stable. We generally speak about “black areas” where networking does not simply work. To remedy this, we have to simply move the router to a more strategic location. Sometimes, Wi-Fi waves can be fickle and a difference of few centimeters can very often make a difference. To benefit from optimal coverage, don’t hesitate to place you router in an open area. However, it is not always easy to find such a location as you need to connect the router to the broadband gateway which is in most cases connected to a cable on an outside wall.

Installing repeaters

Another solution to ensure a good internet connection within the workshop is to be equipped with Wi-Fi repeater. The latter comes in the form of a small box whose mission is to expand the Wi-Fi network coverage. Its operating mode is pretty simple. It duplicates the signal it captures and reproduces it in an identical manner. We can say that it is a relay terminal. As with the router, it is important to choose the location of your repeater. Therefore, you should put it in a place where the signal is still of good quality.

Today, we find that most of repeaters offer a positioning aid function.

Using tools in offline mode

You must know that offline mode allows operators to carry out interventions without having internet connection or even network. When an operator activates the offline mode, a database will be generated allowing him to continue his activity. You should know that this database is mainly generated according to user consultation rights.

About Picomto

Picomto is a digital solution that helps manufacturers in their digital transition phase. However, in order to benefit from an optimal optimization of this tool, it is important to have a stable internet connection.