Work instructions : guarantor of process compliance

Writing work instructions is often abandoned because it is considered as a painful work. However, they have a straight impact on the quality and the company’s future : They are the guarantor of process compliance.

With Picomto, you improve the comprehension and execution thanks to visual work instructions. Technicians always dispose of the latest revisions on smartphone, tablet and computer.


Mobility and checklists

For company’s future operations and performance, restoring or maintaining goods are crucial. That is why your technicians need to access to clear and precise work instructions.
Smartphones and tablets are the new tools of the maintenance technician.

With Picomto, you benefit from visual maintenance procedures and digital checklists. You can connect Picomto to your CMMS, and give your technicians the best tools for a Smart Maintenance.


ISO 9001 and Compliance

Are you facing quality and compliance issues ? The quality of your production and interventions depends on the right execution of the work instructions by your collaborators.

All visual work instructions created in Picomto are ISO 9001 and must be verified before publishing. In this way, technicians always get the right information in the latest revision of the document.

You want to digitize your work instructions ?

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