Our story

It is because there was no real solution to solve the problems of knowledge transfer, paper documentation and data collection in the industry, Sébastien Chevalier and Emmanuel Toulisse created Picomto in 2013.

The solution has been marketed since early 2016 to become today the european leader in Digital Work Instructions and operating procedures for Industry 4.0.

Picomto is today twenty or so employees who work every day to answer your problems and your business needs.

What we bring to your project

The word of the leaders

The human is at the heart of the industry of tomorrow. With Picomto, we want to give a tool to operators to facilitate their daily lives, whether on the execution of their task or on the collection of data that the sensors can not do.

Emmanuel Toulisse, CEO / Co-Founder, Picomto

Picomto is the solution to follow and optimize all your manual processes in your industry. By digitizing your work instructions, SOP, and maintenance procedures, you generate data enabling you to make the right decisions whether in production, assembly or maintenance.

Sébastien Chevalier, CPO / Co-Founder, Picomto

The largest industrial companies are already trusting us..