The all-in-one solution for Augmented Reality Work Instructions

Some key advantages :
Picomto, a complete production chain for your augmented reality work instructions, ISO 9001, FDA, GMP, ALCOA, data collection and more..

Easy creation :
Build your work instructions as usual, Picomto handles the A/R compatibility.

Controlled distribution :
Benefit from all the power of Picomto to share your work instructions to the right people, to right groups with the appropriate right.

Free exploitation :
Direct access or via operator view, control all your work instructions exploitation by voice.

With Picomto, only one created content automatically readable on every devices:

Computer, mobile, tablet, A/R glasses

Improve your operators’ efficiency.

  • A guaranteed exploitation in online mode as well as in offline.

  • A direct and simple access to all you operationnel know-how.

  • An immersive learning support for better understanding.

Augmented Reality Work Instructions

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