Why use Augmented Reality in the industry?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that consists of superimposing virtual visual or auditory elements to the real world.

Using a multimedia device, the user accesses other dimensions allowing him to unlock infinite possibilities.

The RA integrates into many fields to open an infinity of perspectives of evolution. AR technologies have also been introduced in Industry 4.0 as part of its digital transformation. Let’s discover the details!

What is Augmented Reality?

Simply, augmented reality refers to the superposition of certain virtual elements with the real world via a multimedia device. It can be visual, auditory or other elements. Some researchers believe that AR could affect the 5 human senses.

In general, the RA is based on the recording of reality by a device (Smartphone, Tablet, Smart-Glasses) and the addition, in real-time, of 3D elements to enrich the user experience.

Through image recognition techniques, shapes and textures, augmented reality technologies provide the superposition of virtual elements to the real world in a 3D environment.

The uses of RA in the industry

Augmented reality fits perfectly into Industry 4.0 and touches on different aspects. For example, it is used to train operators under real conditions. The work instructions are displayed in real-time to guide the manoeuvres step by step.

Maintenance technicians also take advantage of this technology to view the data for each device: its status, planned interventions and necessary manipulations, all this is experienced in real-time.

Thus, this technology allows manufacturers to save time and avoid handling errors that are expensive for the company.

In fact, Augmented Reality can optimize the performance of the industry by improving the accuracy: from training to production to planning and industrial maintenance.

The RA the tool of tomorrow?

No one can deny that augmented reality brings great benefits to the industry of the future. Connected operators share real-time data and information to optimize the operation of different departments.

It is, therefore, necessary to know how to adapt this constantly evolving technology to offer more and more practical solutions. Thus, the industry of the future will benefit from this technology to optimize its performance, customize its products and meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Which augmented reality solution to choose?

At Picomto, we develop software for digital work instructions accessible on smartphone, tablet, computer. Each work instruction is automatically made compatible with AR glasses.

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