Represented as “how to do it”, the operating procedure is used daily in the industry to describe the actions to be carried out to perform a task, an intervention, in short to produce. Each company has its own know-how and transfers it through operating methods or procedures.

In most cases, operating procedures are written on software such as word or Excel and are shared via intranet, e-mail or shared directories. The use of software to create them has many consequences on the efficiency and productivity of the company: costly, time consuming, difficult to access and quickly outdated…

Imagine your service technician on a site or your operator in his workstation carrying out a task for the first time and finding himself with no explicit and potentially outdated paper operating procedures, which can endanger production, intervention and even their safety.

mode opératoire

Do you know who consults and how your operating procedures are consulted ? 

Traceability plays an important role in the monitoring of operating procedures. It allows to see who consulted the operating procedure, how did he consult it and whether actions were carried out properly.  Paper based operating procedures do not allow the proper monitoring of tasks performed or the collection of field data and lead to the loss of performance indicators.

Improve your productivity with Picomto

Picomto helps you to create your visual operating procedures easily and quickly. They can be accessed on smartphones, tablets and computers, so technicians no longer need to keeps their operating procedures catalog. With Picomto, they have a database of the know-how available anywhere, at any time.

Picomto operating procedures are created from visuals (pictures and videos) as well as formalized and standardized work instructions and ISO 7010 pictograms to guide users on safety instructions.

The visual format of Picomto operating procedures makes it easy to understand and execute your work instructions, not letting your technicians misinterpret your instructions which helps reduce errors.

Operating Procedures

In addition, Picomto operating procedures are editable over time. No more paper operating procedures, outdated after a month. You are part of a long-term continuous improvement process. Each time you make a change, your operating procedures automatically update wherever you share them.

With Picomto, you also track your operating procedures; you receive all field data in real time.  By analyzing all the performance indicators collected, you can improve the productivity of your company.

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Picomto, to create, manage, share and analyze your operating procedures, maintenance procedures, internal procedures and after-sales service media.

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