The implementation of a digital strategy is already underway in many companies and has been for several years. This trend corresponds to a fundamental change from which it seems difficult to escape if we want to remain competitive and attractive. Dematerialization concerns almost all plant components, starting with the instructions. It is considered a competitive advantage in more than one respect.

The importance of work instructions

It is inconceivable to produce something, in large quantities, without support detailing the steps and manoeuvres to be carried out. Work instructions are vital documents for the industry, as it details the actions and their sequence to achieve a given result.

Instructions sheets have long been developed and presented in paper form. Nevertheless, with the arrival of new technologies, it has become possible to dematerialize them and make them available to operators on digital terminals.

The digitised work instructions can not only be viewed directly on tablets, among other mobile devices, but they are also enriched by elements in various formats and facilitating understanding, such as video demonstrations.

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Digitalization of work instructions: a productivity lever

The digitisation of work instructions is about providing operators with supports to guide and assist them. For employees, it becomes easier to perform the tasks inherent to their jobs with precise and didactic descriptions that they can easily consult, without having to waste precious minutes searching for the information they need.

At the same time, the use of these digitized work instructions reduces the risk of errors and allows anomalies to be detected quickly for an equally simplified correction. Quality is therefore more important.

These two aspects at least constitute formidable levers of efficiency and therefore productivity; we produce better and faster.

Dematerialize work instructions to accelerate development and increase responsiveness

Setting up digitized supports is an evolutionary booster that promotes continuous updating and improvement.

In addition, it is easier to make readjustments when you have to adapt to different events, such as changes in customer requirements and the need to customize orders. The trend towards “customization” has been increasingly supported in recent years and constitutes, in the eyes of customers, real added value.

More generally, digitalization facilitates the sharing and modification of content, which improves collaboration between the various actors in the company. In addition, it removes a considerable obstacle, namely distance, making it possible to exchange information in real time between geographically remote sites (administrative headquarters, production sites, construction sites, etc.).

Finally, digital tools allow a better management of resources by bringing their consumption closer to the real needs of the company. All this contributes, along with the dematerialization of work instructions, to improving positioning in relation to the competition.

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