Microlearning to cultivate employees’ know-how

When we try to understand the concepts of microlearning, we quickly understand that they are small pieces of learning that are easy to integrate into the daily professional life of learners. It is a real training offer proposed by companies with real virtues.

You should know that we use microlearning on a daily basis without knowing it. In fact, we do research on Google on technical topics related to our professional activity. Reading an informative article or watching a video tutorial to learn is in the microlearning domain. Indeed, this training mode can take the form of a text, video, an infographic or a podcast. The primary goal is to get the information we need when we need.

In this article, we will give you an overview of what you need to know about microlearning.

 Definition: what is microlearning?

Also called learning nuggets, microlearning is a short sequence learning method (between 30 seconds and 5 minutes). These are mainly digital capsule trainings that aim to train over a few days or even a few weeks. Generally, microlearning is e-learning. One of its main features is that is both accessible and available to learners at anytime and anywhere:

  • At the office
  • On the move
  • On telework

Note that its course modules are to be consumed as soon as the need of knowledge is felt.

A fast and efficient training program

Sharing skills and expertise

You should know that a lot of information tends to become outdated. For this reason, it is essential to foster both effective and continuous learning.

Nowadays, the trainer is a learning facilitator and not a teacher. Traditional trainings are now replaced by microlearning. This type of rapid training is used by companies for the benefits it offers such as saving time and money.

During this training, methods of reverse-mentoring are implemented. In this case, young employees train their elders. This technique helps to share expertise of certain employees with other members of the company. It is an excellent solution to promote the dissemination of knowledge directly related to the business issues of the company. Reverse-mentoring also breaks down intergenerational cleavages. You should not forget that this method helps companies to finish their digital transition. Note that the most used format is “Learning by doing”. This provides immediate feedback.

As the main tool that never leaves our side, the smartphone is the most popular platform for microlearning. Therefore, micorlearning content is specifically designed for mobile use offering adapted educational activities.

How are these courses designed?

Most of the time, microlearning is part of a rapid training project with face-to-face courses (online or live face-to-face course).

The efficiency of this training is based on the following elements:

  • A short video that lasts up to 5 minutes
  • A video about a single concept. It must be structured as a unit
  • The form of the video should be with diagrams, music…
  • The process of each module works in the same manner. The learner has to follow a path to lead him to the concept he will discover (like a story).
  • The type of learning must be based on repetitions which encourages the employee to participate to better involve them

Note that it is possible to use microlearning in a context of blended learning. The latter is defined as a system that combines two learning modalities (mixed training): e-learning and face-to-face (classic training).

Therefore, microlearning helps employees to put what they have learnt into practice. Indeed, taking only training hours is not enough. Each learner must be able to practice and repeat certain concepts to assimilate them permanently.

Microlearning, the solution to make professional training appealing

This short online course is part of the companies’ agility. In fact, receiving micro-stimulations or capsules allows employees to continuously evolve. In fact, it allows them to learn each day according to their current needs. In addition, it is important to know that the topics covered in micro-training can evolve in real-time according to the operational and strategic orientations of the company.

Besides, this training program encourages teams to be committed to their training. In fact, all you have to do is devote 2 to 10 minutes a day (depending on solutions and formats, computer or mobile).

Freedom to train

It is important to know that microlearning in a company meets the employees’ expectations in their professional environment. In fact, rapid capsule trainings are made available to them to meet their immediate needs. We can say that it is a strategic choice for the company to choose this type of learning. Therefore, by offering all the modules he might need, the employee will have a total freedom of choice. The employee will decide which e-learning training to take, when where and on which platform.

With this learning technique, the employee has the cards in his own hands to succeed by himself without constraints imposed by his hierarchy. One of the advantages of this type of learning is that it is able to easily fit into the schedules.

This choice of training undertaken by the company is essentially aimed at empowering the employee in exercising his job. The employee quickly becomes the master of his career. He is also motivated by the new skills he develops as he goes along.

The dissemination of microlearning

Microlearning is hosted on different specific platforms. We can say that these are real knowledge mines in which the employee will easily dig.

The biggest advantage of this platform is the speed with which they are able to meet the demand. In fact, the learner does not need to go through search engines or ask questions to his colleagues to know how to do a specific task. The platform offers the answer instantly. This learning technique quickly becomes indispensible by being integrated into the daily actions of the employee. It helps every learner in his everyday professional life by saving considerable time. This saved time will be transformed into efficiency for the company.

Immediate capsules for complete training

Increasingly, employees are looking for business information at their work place using their personal smartphones. As a result, we notice that more and more SMEs are adopting BYOD (Bring your own device). Therefore, microlearning will not be a constraint since the training is digital. This way, each employee follows a training course as and when he wishes.

It is essential that this learning technique be introduced into an overall training strategy that is consistent with an effective and regular acquisition of skills.

All the training courses made available to employees form a substantial package filled with material.

Micorlearning is as relevant for soft skills as for hard skills

Hard skills? Soft skills? These are skills we develop throughout our lives.

To simplify the concepts, you should know that hard skills refer to the set of techniques and professional experience accumulated in our profession (for example, knowing how to use a tool in a precise way). As for soft skills, they refer to mental characteristics related to our personality. They are synonymous with cohesion, collaborative work and successful internal communication. They are especially sought after by employees.

You should know that microlearning is a factor in the development of soft skills.

Implemented in the employee’s daily life, this learning method helps the employee to increase his performance by himself. Improving his productivity and efficiency becomes a daily challenge for him.

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