Capturing field data in your work instructions

The new version 3.0 is now available

Create and disseminate field data capture forms directly integrated in your work instructions, operating procedures, maintenance procedures, internal procedures

Eliminate the problems caused by paper forms: double/triple entries, unusable and unused data, and complexity of filed data collection.

Accessible from smartphones, tablets and computers in connected and disconnected mode.

field data collection

In summary:

Integrate forms

This function allows users to create any type of form and integrate them in work instructions, operating procedures…

Some examples of available components*:

  • Short answer
  • Long answer
  • Unique choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Drop-down list
  • …*we constantly add new components

Analyze your data

All data entered by your operators and technicians are consolidated and centralized in Picomo’s backoffice for fast, real-time visualization. You can also export the collected data for a more complete analysis.

Some use cases:

  • Checklists
  • Progress form
  • Improvement form
  • Control form
  • Safety form
  • Competence- check
  • Test plans
  • Sampling
  • Non-conformity form incident
  • Continuous improvement form
  • Adverse event report form


This new feature inherits all of Picomto’s foundations namely: scalable, interactive, diffusible, multi-media, multilingual, printable, traceable, collaborative, centralized, and didactic in connected and disconnected mode.

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