Why should you use a Remote Expert solution?

The digitization of documentation is one of the pillars of the transition to industry 4.0. The latter is intended to be a connected industry where the various stakeholders use new technologies to perform their tasks well. Thus, IoT and augmented reality are appearing in the digital factory to improve performance and optimize the efficiency of workers. Smart glasses are one of the most valued connected objects in the smart industry.

In this article, we will explain why you should use a “Remote Expert” solution to facilitate the tasks of workers and simplify real-time communication.

What is the Remote Expert?

As its name suggests, Remote Expert solutions allow you to call remote experts to solve specific problems and improve productivity.

It is an intuitive and secure solution that ensures real-time communication between workers and experts. The Remote Expert technology is particularly useful in the context where the industrial company uses an offshore workforce for subcontracting operations. In this context, the company’s experts can intervene in real time to resolve the problems encountered by workers located thousands of kilometers away.

Accessible via connected glasses, an Android application or a web platform, the Remote Expert solution allows the workers to:

  • Share what he sees with other users (remotely)
  • See the expert’s screen
  • Have his hands free for other manipulations (if using the connected glasses)
  • Receive voice or text instructions to help them solve their problem

In which segment of the industry?

As you may have noticed, the Remote Expert solution is particularly useful for the industrial maintenance department. In fact, any problem not resolved by this department causes production to stop and inflicts huge losses for the company.

Equipped with the Remote Expertise solution, maintenance technicians can call on remote experts to repair breakdowns and restart machines, thus avoiding production shutdowns or delays.

Instead of waiting for experts to arrive in the field, which could be thousands of miles away, to guide workers through problem solving, the Remote Expert solution enables immediate answer to system failures. This avoids travel costs as well as losses caused by stopping production.

When does the expert intervene?

Digital work instructions for training

Remote Expert solutions are not just used for assistance in solving problems. Indeed, they are also used to train workers and newcomers while they view digital work instructions.

Thanks to smart glasses, workers can have access to documentation and work instructions that allow them to perform their work efficiently. A remote expert can thus be called upon to train workers in the use of work instructions. This solution thus ensures the increase in skills of workers and the improvement of their productivity and quality.

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Remote assistance in case of a problem

This is the most obvious use case for Remote Expert solutions. Using this technology, experts can provide real-time assistance to workers in the field or those located in remote factories.

This Remote Expertise solution thus makes it possible to quickly and efficiently solve the problems encountered by workers or industrial maintenance technicians.

What are the benefits of a Remote Expert solution ?

The Remote Expert solution is a big step towards realizing the concept of the connected operator. The latter is the main challenge of Industry 4.0. Providing real-time video, voice or text communication via the internet, this technology is a big step into the future, but that’s not all.

Designed by engineers and industry experts, our Remote Expert solution addresses the most common and frustrating problems of manufacturers. They thus make it possible to:

  • Solve problems immediately: with the intervention of an expert in real time via video assistance, the worker or technician is guided in solving the problem, thus avoiding the production stoppages that may result.
  • Avoid travel costs: an expert can intervene remotely to assist or train operators located thousands of kilometers away without having to move from his post. The risks and costs linked to travel are thus avoided by using the remote support solution
  • Improve quality: Whether it’s a complex task or a new work instruction, workers receive real-time support or training while they are performing their tasks. Quality is thus improved by eliminating non-conformities.
  • Better sharing of knowledge: the knowledge of experts is better shared and centralized, thus making it possible to increase the skills of all stakeholders by means of visual expertise.
  • Reduce unnecessary costs and improve profitability: by reducing the risk of errors, misinterpretations of work instructions and deviations, and thus improve the profitability of the company.

Why use a Remote Expert solution integrated with a digital work instruction solution?

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, integrating our digital work instructions solution with our Remote Expert solution allows the company to take a big step towards operational excellence.

Using smart glasses from our partner Realwear, the Remote Expert solution allows workers to have their hands free, to view the work instructions directly while performing their work in the best way.

Your transition to Industry 4.0

To complete our software solution for digitizing work instructions, we propose the Remote Expert technological solution which allows industrial companies to optimize the performance of their operators and have an excellent return on investment. The solution can be used for remote, real-time problem resolution as well as operator training in field-conditions.


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