4 reasons why you should digitize your industrial documentation

Know-how within everyone’s reach

Today’s industry, called “Industry 4.0”, is the product of many changes in the organization of the means of production. Among these, the transition to the digital age has affected all aspects, including documentation

The digitization of this data is vital for the smooth running of the company. This is part of a necessary evolutionary approach aimed at improving productivity, safety and quality.

Documents become available, easier to access

By digitizing all the industrial documentation, it is a real added value in terms of ease of access and availability of information that is allowed.

Of course, the practical side of digitizing documents is one of its main attractions: instead of having to store huge quantities of paper documents, binders, blocks or boxes, everything is transformed into digital files, classified, structured and accessible via compact and lightweight terminals, made available to employees. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, these digital documents are immediately and easily accessible.

Work instructions, ISO standards, quality manuals and other essential instructions become available at any time and without requiring any major manipulation by stakeholders.
Having all the documentation you need on one support is a great asset for employees, especially in maintenance or production. Instead of flipping through their paper guides, they only need a few clicks to access the information they need through a work instructions software.

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Ease the sharing of knowledge

The digitization of industrial documentation also makes it easier to share knowledge within the industry.

It offers the opportunity to standardize practices and develop guides, which greatly facilitate the acquisition of knowledge by newcomers. Documentation digitalization softwares make it possible to integrate documents in a large variety of formats: 

  • texts
  • images
  • videos
  • interactive elements
  • forms
  • etc.

The sharing of know-how is thus greatly favoured, which brings efficiency and conformity to the requirements of increased security and quality.

Group together all the information

In addition of deploying digital documentation tools, such as work instructions software, it has a positive impact on communication and information sharing. 

These can be uploaded and transmitted instantly, allowing the departments concerned to make the necessary adjustments in a shorter time. But also avoiding that the previous – and therefore obsolete – versions of these documents are in circulation. This point was one of the major weaknesses of the paper.

This is a big plus for the responsiveness of the company, and therefore its ability to satisfy its customers.

At the same time, feedback from the field is integrated into the existing documentation in a faster and more organized way.

In general, the digitization of industrial documentation is an important part of the identity of the Smart Industry, the intelligent industry. The optimization of production and communication capacities via the implementation of modern means is a requirement.

Which tool to digitize my industrial documentation?

Work instructions software allow you to quickly create visual and interactive work instructions and to make them accessible for all the operators through a tablet, screen and smartphone.

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