Smart glasses, a new source of productivity for the technician?

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In industry 4.0, digitalization and connected objects invade the workspace to facilitate the tasks of different operators. Connected glasses are among those portable tools that provide great benefits to manufacturers. Technicians are the most concerned about this new connected technology since they are the ones who have to wear and use them.

Access to information

With the glasses connected, the operator can directly access the information and have the work instructions directly on the glasses. It would be possible to be connected to the database even if it is in a remote site or in an area that is difficult to access.
In addition, equipped with smart glasses, technicians have the possibility to apply and test the content of theoretical training on a practical level right away. This contributes to the preservation and transmission of knowledge within industrial companies.

Saving time and resources

Wearing connected glasses gives the operator immediate responsiveness, reducing waiting time and downtime. He can be helped directly from the glasses by a remote technician. In these cases where an expert has to intervene on a certain problem, logistics and travel costs are eliminated and he could intervene via the connected glasses. This concept is called Remote Assistance or Teleassistance.
This saves time and resources to prevent an expert from travelling.

Facilitate data collection

In order for an operator to perform his duties, he must communicate with his colleagues and superiors, either to provide reporting or to request support. The arrival of smart glasses in factories can only facilitate exchange and communication between the various players.
In fact, this technology allows the technician to collect data (taking pictures and video with the on-board camera) and transmit them directly. This ensures that processes are continuously updated and that decisions can be taken and react quickly in the event of a problem. This could only boost the productivity of the company in general.

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Facilitate maintenance planning tasks

With immediate and permanent access to data, the operator or industrial maintenance manager would have global visibility on the status of the machines in real-time. This would allow him to plan preventive actions easily. Maintenance technicians would also be able to access the records of each machine in real-time and instantly. Thus, the connected glasses allow improving the efficiency of the teams and maintenance actions.

Hands-free operators

The use of connected objects (such as tablets) in factories and construction sites is certainly beneficial to improve the company’s productivity and boost the efficiency of the actions implemented. Imagine, however, if an operator would need to use both hands to perform the task and to access certain data or instructions via a multimedia interface!
This is how we can notice the limitations of the use of certain connected objects. And that’s why smart glasses are so important. In fact, they allow the operator to access data and instructions without having to use his hands.
In fact, it is even possible to control the glasses with voice and access everything you need without having to use your hands.

Consult work instructions with connected glasses

Picomto allows you to create and share digital work instructions directly on the tablet, smartphone and glasses connected to the operators. Contact us for more information!