Industry Management of Maintenance Interventions

Maintenance interventions are as fundamental as they are difficult to manage.

They require precise programming and organization. It is true that the direct and indirect costs (due to production cessation), represented by an intervention on a machine that does not really need it yet could be important. However, intervening only once breakdown has occurred can be disastrous, both at the level of the machine itself or vis-à-vis production which is suddenly held back. It is therefore necessary to find a good balance between preventive interventions (preventive maintenance) and maintenance operations carried out on a curative basis (curative maintenance, corrective maintenance). To help people in charge of this task, management software of maintenance interventions are valuable and indispensable tools.

Know your machines well for optimal maintenance management

For a good management of machine maintenance, maintenance technicians should develop a thorough knowledge of the machines. All the important elements concerning the operation and implementation of production equipment must be mastered. On the one hand, these pieces of information allow preventive maintenance planning and on the other hand, applying efficient maintenance procedures adapted to the specificities of the industrial equipment and their environment. Transmitted by maintenance managers, they determine the decisions to replace machines or some of their components. The choice of either option will depend on various criteria. For example, for the most complex and expensive equipment, priority will be given to repair rather than the acquisition of a new machine.

For production assets with high maintenance and operating costs and a high risk of breakdown, the purchase of new equipment might be more interesting.

The software of maintenance management (CMMS) provides a crucial assistance in this field as it allows real-time monitoring of maintenance interventions. They therefore generate relevant information to guide managers in their decision making, especially since they take into account data from modern machines. The latter are often equipped with systems that record the number of operating hours, fatigue levels and estimates of the dates of necessary interventions.

Thanks to CMMS, the management and organization of programmed and non-programmed interventions are facilitated. It becomes more obvious to keep control over the downtime rate of machines and therefore to better control production.

The choice of outsourcing maintenance interventions

Some companies turn to outsourcing the maintenance operations of their machines. Such a choice helps to reduce costs and devote further resources to their core business.

Of course, the benefits of outsourcing maintenance are valid only if the outsourcer provides quality services. In addition, it is necessary for the company that outsources the maintenance of its assets to protect itself against a major danger: that of losing control over the information relating to the operation of its machines. And here again, industrial maintenance management software provides valuable services by allowing the recording of all data concerning interventions. This also allows to constantly gauge the quality of the outsourcer’s services and to ultimately decide whether or not it makes sense for the ordering company to continue the collaboration.

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