Maintenance: 4 tips for writing checklists

The checklist is an essential document for carrying out maintenance work in the industry. It serves both as a guide for the technician carrying out the intervention and as a means of collecting useful information for the maintenance manager and superiors for their analysis and operation. It is therefore important to have quality checklists, hence the need for particular care when writing them. To do this, 4 tracks are to be favoured: digitization, response to needs, simplicity and data collection for predictive maintenance.

Opt for the digital format

Digitizing documentation has a number of advantages in terms of accessibility, reliability and security. The writing and use of checklists in digital format allow, among other benefits, to facilitate the transmission of information. While following the checklist steps to do his job, the maintenance technician enters important information such as observations, levels, etc. Made on digital media, these recordings become simpler and faster to transmit to managers, who thus have a decision-making tool at their disposal, whether to consider replacing a means of production or to make changes to the maintenance procedure itself if it is deemed inadequate.

The use of digital media for maintenance checklists also avoids the disadvantages of paper documentation, such as the difficulty of updating, the risk of loss or destruction and the inconvenience to the technician.

Adapt the document to users’ expectations

When writing a maintenance checklist, you must always keep the needs of users in mind. This work to develop such a document involves not only knowledge of the business and the equipment concerned, but also direct information gathering from employees who have to carry out maintenance work. They are the users of the checklist and it must, therefore, meet their needs, both in terms of content and form.

Here again, the use of the digital format is profitable, since it offers the advantage of mobility to these technicians who are called upon to act in the field. Today, these employees have access to maintenance checklists directly on their smartphones.

Keep it simple, concise and effective

For a checklist to be an effective reference document for the user, it must be both clear and free of unnecessary content. By including only those instructions that the maintenance technician needs to perform his tasks, he will be able to understand them better and prevent misinterpretation and manipulation.

The rule is simple: concise and relevant sentences to guide the employee as well as possible, especially if he is a novice.

Putting data at the service of predictive maintenance

Through appropriate use of the data collected through the maintenance checklist, it is possible to improve the implementation of predictive maintenance, which consists of intervening on the means of production before a failure occurs (based on signs that can indicate it).
The user of the checklist must be able to record the readings of various sensors, indicators and displayed elements likely to warn of future failure: temperature variation, noise, vibrations, pressure level, etc.

This reduces the frequency of failures, and therefore machine downtime.

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