Why should you no longer create your work instruction with Microsoft Office?

It is now widely accepted that the transition to industry 4.0 requires the digitization of all aspects of work within the plant. Industrial documentation is also being transformed to be part of the digital transition and push the factory towards its 4th revolution. Thus, instruction sheets written in Microsoft Office will have no place in a connected industry that favours instant exchange between man and machine.

Standardize the creation of work instructions

Standardizing the creation of instruction sheets allows the company to reduce costs and save time. This process is only possible by designing instruction sheets in new forms. The use of media and interactive applications makes it easier to create and explore instructions. In this way, the conservation of know-how and its transmission are carried out under the best conditions.

Media integration for a better understanding

For proper application, the instruction sheets must be understood by the operator. The integration of media, colours and shapes makes it easier to understand good practices and procedures. If you use Microsoft Office solutions such as Excel, PowerPoint or Word to write your instruction sheets, you will certainly have trouble customizing the document. It is, therefore, necessary to opt for technological solutions that are dedicated to this use and that ensure you the freedom of design of your instructions.

Better manage the updates

The greatest advantage of dedicated solutions for the management of instruction sheets is the ability to always consult the latest version of a document. The operator has access to only one document that is versioned over time. There are no more multiple documents lying around in the workshop without knowing if it is up to date or not, as is the case when using Excel or Word solutions.

Ensure better traceability

Data is the most important issue in industry 4.0, it is the axis around which all optimizations revolve. Thus, data collection is necessary to measure the impact of established actions and detect any anomalies in the production chain or processes. Traceability of the use of instruction sheets is, therefore, necessary to measure impact and plan changes.

The work instructions in Microsoft Office document format do not allow any traceability. They are exported or used in paper or static formats that do not allow real-time communication with information systems. It is, therefore, necessary to provide for the implementation of interactive applications to present instruction sheets to operators and managers while allowing the collection and exploitation of data via traceability and analytical technologies.

Why use dedicated software?

Industrial documentation, such as instruction sheets, must follow the current of digitization to push the industry into its digital transition. Thus, it is necessary to stop writing them in Microsoft Office and give priority to the implementation of applications and dedicated technologies that make these instructions accessible to all employees. Industrialists must therefore consider facilitating access to information by opting for connected objects.

Finally, the connected factory is the place of collaboration and communication between man and computer where industrial information is the most important issue.

Picomto is the solution dedicated to industry 4.0 for creating, consulting and analyzing digital work instructions. Feel free to contact us for more information.