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AgroMousquetaires goes digital with Picomto

As the leading French manufacturer of private labels, the Agromousquetaires group is faced with various business issues. The digitalization of their operating modes appeared as a quick way to face these challenges.

Daher digitalizes its work instructions with Picomto

French leader in industrial logistics, Daher takes the digital step for its operating procedures. To discover how we managed to bring a fast and efficient answer to their problems, read this case study.

Benexia chooses Picomto to digitize its work instructions and SOPs

Benexia, based in Chile, is the leader in chia seed ingredients and works with the big names in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Sandra Gillot, CEO, is determined to further modernize the company, particularly in terms of documentation, to maintain its lead.

The French Navy chooses Picomto for its offshore maintenance operations

Today, France has 13 military port bases spread across the globe. Discover how Picomto increases operational efficiency, reduces downtime and collects data to improve the performance of the French Navy’s fleet readiness.

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